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What is a Braunvieh?

Braunvieh is not a crossbreed, or a new breed developed using two or more breeds. On the contrary, Braunvieh may be the oldest pure breed on Earth, with records dating back to 800 B.C. Recently, archeologists have found cattle bones among the ruins of the ancient Swiss Lake Dwellers similar to those of the present day Braunvieh. This would date these cattle in the region to the Bronze Age.

What can a Braunvieh do for you?

Braunvieh is a versatile breed that improves growth, maternal abilities, feed efficiency, and performance on the rail. The breed specializes most in the heterosis aspect of crossbreeding, which allows the addition of bone, structural development, and hybrid vigor to any purebred or commercial herd. This breed is docile and easy to get along with.


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