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Ad Information

Category: Bulls
Number Head: 1
Animal: AAB Elijah E102
Location: Ellsinore, Missouri
Age: Yearling
Horns: Scurred
Condition: Moderate Flesh

Birth Weight: 69
Weaning Weight: 758
Yearling Weight: 1160
Feed: Pasture
Vaccines: All up to date
Sell Part or All: All
Funds: Cash or check


Came off Grow Safe test at Green Springs, Nevada, MO on 1st of June. Topped the index at 113,9, gained 4,55# ADG and scored a phenomenal -3.99 RFI. Ultrasound: Ribeye 14.55, Fat .20 and 3.44 IMF. Should be safe on heifers. Born 3/18/17. Call or text for information.

Contact Information

Contact: Frank R. Durtschy
Location: Ellsinore,
Telephone: 573-776-3686

Posted On Jul 17, 2018
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