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McBee Cattle Company Fall Selection Day
Oct. 27, 2018   
Fayette, Mo.

Sale Averages:
7 Braunvieh Purebred Bulls                          $4,265
10 McBeef Builder Hybrid Bulls                  $4,358
8 Braunvieh Purebred Spring-Bred Heifers               $2,610 
18 McBeef Builder Hybrid Spring-Bred Heifers         $1,965
22 BU Influ Halfblood Spring-Bred Heifers                $2,165

New buyers purchased 62 percent of the bulls sold; 38 percent went to repeat customers. Of the females, 54 percent went to new buyers, and 46 percent went to repeat customers. Cattle went to buyers from seven states.

Pella Farms Herd Dispersal Sale
Oct. 27, 2018
Beatrice, Neb.

Top-selling bred cows included Lot 4, PFI Pellamere Y104, PB77484, sold to Quail Pass Genetics, Andrew Gunnett, Missouri, for $4,500; and Lot 12, PFI Alexi A362, PB83188, sold to Bluebonnet Braunvieh, Benny Phillips, Texas, for $3,000.

Top-selling bred heifers included Lot 38, PFI Enchantin Pellamere E742, PB92819, sold to Rocking RG Ranches, Gene Wioda, Oregon, for $3,000; and Lot 35, PFI Bobbie Girl D638, PB90359, sold to Robert Hershey, Pennsylvania, for $2,800.

Top-selling open heifers included Lot 42, PFI Fall Brook F 818, PB94587, sold to Cedar Bluff Farm, Molly Russell, Missouri, for $3,300; and Lot 39, PFI Alexis Star F804, PB94581, sold to Bluebonnet Braunvieh, Benny Phillips, for $2,500.

Top-selling yearling bulls included Lot 51, PFI Enforce E741, PB92818, sold to C-Farms, Todd Clubb, Iowa, for $4,800; and Lot 52, Mr DKD Eclipse E00, PB93202, sold to Carl and Martha Griffee, Kansas, for $4.000

Volume buyers included nine head going to Rocking RG Ranches; seven head going to Duane Olson, Kansas; and six head each going to Carl and Martha Griffee and Justin Heim, Minnesota. Wonderland Cattle, Carolyn Schmidt, Illinois, purchased five head. Cattle went to buyers from 11 states.

Braunvieh Herd Builder Sale
Nov. 3, 2018
Marshall Junction, Mo.

Sale Averages:
60 Lots                                         $2,134
32 Open Heifers                      $1,808
3 Bred Heifers                          $2,300
5 Bred Cows                              $1,880
20 Pairs                                       $2,695

The Herd Builder Sale continued its 16-year tradition of bringing quality Braunvieh females before an appreciative audience. Ten states were represented on the buyers’ list, with strong support throughout the sale.

Topping the sale at $4,400 was a pair from Siebrandt Family Farms, Jansen, Neb. Miss HLJ Golden Dream ET and her heifer calf sold for $4,400 to Lane & Lane Braunvieh, Morrisville, Mo. Two other pairs came in at $4,000.  WW Ms 660D BT and her bull calf from W/W Cattle Co., Section, Ala., sold to Elizabeth Stoddard, Hackberry, La., while SSB Ms Sabrina and her heifer calf from Little River Farm, Bois D’Arc, Mo., went to Circle C Ranch, Estelline, Texas.

Leading the bred heifers at $2,900 was BLC Venture 287E, offered by Brink Livestock, Piedmont, Kan., and purchased by Hershey Harvest Farm, Manheim, Pa. The top-selling open heifer, also from Brinks, was BLC Essence 434F, that went to Marjorie Savely, Piketon, Ohio, for $2,600.

Miss Cheyenne Y05 from Grandview Braunvieh, Elk Creek, Neb., led the bred cows with a winning bid of $2,500 from J Bar Braunvieh, Hedley, Texas.

Volume buyers were Jalyn Smith of Arkansas and Elizabeth Stoddard of Louisiana.

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