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Online Sale Barn

August 27, 2018

The BAA Promotion Committee created an additional marketing avenue for Braunvieh breeders through the new online Sale Barn. The Sale Barn is a new page on the BAA website that enables Braunvieh breeders to market Braunvieh cattle or search for Braunvieh cattle to purchase. Promotion Committee member Colby King was a driving force in creating the Sale Barn. “There are other online marketing services out there, but nothing solely for Braunvieh cattle. This is an opportunity to advance the breed,” King remarks.

The service is open to anyone with Braunvieh or Braunvieh-influenced cattle, allowing breeders to make postings for a per-post fee. Users will simply create a user login and then complete a short form regarding what they have for sale. After the information is submitted, an administrator will review the content and, once approved, it will be posted on the website as a for sale ad.

Breeders can advertise bulls, females, feeder cattle, semen or embryos through the Sale Barn. Those looking for Braunvieh cattle to purchase can create a want ad that specifies what they are searching for. Once an ad is posted, users are encouraged to share via social media to help spread the word about what they have to offer.

The site goes a step further with an online shopping cart. This allows for users to submit multiple postings at one time and pay via credit card, debit card or PayPal at the end of the transaction. This feature will also allow users to access their account at anytime to view the posts they have submitted. “This is a clean, effective way to process payment and post ads quickly,” King says.

Once an ad is posted to the Sale Barn, all further communication and transactions take place between the buyer and seller; the BAA provides no further involvement. The fee structure to place an ad is simple and straightforward. Users will pay a fee upfront per ad. No commission will be taken once a sale occurs.

“Spread the word and encourage anyone with Braunvieh cattle to use the service. Regardless of the size of their operations, this site gives breeders an avenue to market their cattle. We want it to help grow the breed.” King says.

For more information, to place an ad or to view posted ads, visit

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