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Braunvieh Fullblood Breeder’s Cup

July 27, 2018

The Braunvieh Fullblood Breeder’s Cup (BFBC) was designed to promote and preserve Braunvieh fullblood genetics. Aiming for $5,000 in donated prize money, breeders with 11 or more cows are encouraged to donate $500, allowing for two voting privileges. Breeders with fewer than 11 cows are encouraged to donate $250, allowing for one vote.

The BFBC’s ultimate goal is to get 15-20 fullblood heifer entries at any given show, which would allow for a separate fullblood champion drive.
Amended Rules and Regulations
Previously, this program was a juniors-only program, but rules have been amended to allow anyone showing in the open shows to participate, as long as all other conditions are met.

Participants must be in good standing with BAA. This includes payment of the annual membership fees – $25 for Juniors and $75 for adults.

Heifers must be fullblood and purchased or owned by a participating, current BFBC member.
Breeder nomination fees must be paid prior to the beginning of show season or the first show the heifer is shown in; she must be eligible to receive points. If a breeder has more than one heifer in the BFBC, the nomination fees will be $500 for the first heifer, $250 for the second heifer and $125 for each additional heifer.

Nominations should be sent to the BAA office, P.O. Box 2768, Seguin, TX 78156; or to John Hall, 13675 FM 2471, Hedley, TX 79237. Checks should be made payable to BAA Fullblood Breeder’s Cup.

Participants will follow the show rules and guidelines for the fall 2018 and spring 2019 shows, located on the BAA website.

The BFBC will use the Ring of Excellence Program Shows, consisting of the following six open shows:
Ozark Empire Days –  Springfield, Mo.
Tulsa State Fair –  Tulsa, Okla.
American Royal –  Kansas City, Mo.
National Western Stock Show –  Denver, Colo.
Fort Worth Stock Show –  Ft. Worth, Texas
Houston Livestock Show –  Houston, Texas

Participants may exhibit at all six shows, and points will be awarded at each show based on placement. BAA will keep track of standings and post them on the BAA website under Show Heifer Standings.

Total points for the show season will determine the BFBC fund winner. Nomination fees and added donations accumulated for the year will be distributed 50, 30 and 20 percent, respectively, to the top three breeders/heifers. Points will be tabulated after the Houston Livestock Show and awards presented during the Braunvieh Junior National Banquet.

BFBC Committee
John Hall, chairman and secretary, 806-930-2560
Jenny Pieniazek, treasurer
Larry Lane 417-830-7318
Edsel Keith 417-253-4693
Tom Cefalu 504-495-7459

Fullblood Breeders Supporting Contributors
Quail Pass Genetics
Johnson Cattle
W/W Cattle
Jay H Farms LLC
Tri C Cattle LLC
Alleluia Acres
Alexander Farms
Mark Nelson
Wolken’s Cornerstone Cattle Ranch
Laurie Donovan
Lehmann Farms
Fieldstone Braunvieh

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