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Braunvieh Bull Performance Testing Program

September 30, 2018

The BAA is rolling out a new Braunvieh Bull Performance Testing Program. It will have a two-pronged approach. First, the DNA collected on these bulls will help in building the DNA database platform, which will improve the breed’s expected progeny difference (EPD) accuracy. Second, the BAA will have the top-performing 50 percent of bulls on test, published in the Braunvieh World periodically to help breeders reach a larger audience and potential buyers for their genetics.

This program will begin with bulls currently on test. Breeders with bulls on test now who would like to participate in the program and those who would like to participate in future tests, please call your testing facility and ask them to send DNA samples from your bulls to the BAA office.

National Braunvieh Performance Test Program Overview


  • Build genomic-enhanced EPDs (GE-EPDS).
  • Further parentage testing of breed sires.
  • Further develop and increase the supply of performance-tested bulls for commercial customers.


  • Bulls can be tested at any participating bull station in the United States.
    • Test facilities will pull hair on bulls and send to the BAA office.
    • Testing facilities must have a GrowSafe system.
  • The BAA will pay $20 toward DNA parentage testing/profiling and GE-EPDS with Neogen. This will require that anyone enrolling bulls give consent for using the DNA to build the training panel (DNA database platform). Any other DNA work would be an option to individual breeders at cost.
  • Breeders are responsible for all transportation, enrollment and costs (only exception is DNA above).
  • Breeders will pay $25 to the BAA toward the $45 parentage/profile DNA test. BAA will determine a total budget amount to be paid toward DNA testing, assisting at $20 per bull. Bulls on test will get preference over home-developed bulls for the $20 discount.
  • Beef Builders do not need to send in DNA samples but will still qualify for the top 50 percent to be published.
  • BAA will publish the top 50 percent of fullblood/purebred and top 50 percent of Beef Builders (with a minimum of half-blood Braunvieh) from each testing facility every six months in the Braunvieh World. This will include the breeder, pedigree and all numbers including index ratio and the nutritional breakdown of each testing facility’s ration.
  • Breeders who develop their own bulls can also take advantage of the $20 off for DNA samples as long as they have birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight and scan data for the bulls.
  • Requirements for bulls to make the top 50 percent will include a minimum 1,000-pound weight adjusted at 365 days, 32-centimeter scrotal circumference and a birthweight of 99 pounds adjusted or lower.

The BAA will oversee the program through the Bull Performance Committee. For questions, contact committee members Stoney Scheer, Daniel Roberts, Mark Wolken, Dwight Alexander or Edsel Keith.

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