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JBAA Update

Jordyn Walker, JBAA President

July 31, 2017


Two years ago, I became a member of this amazing breed organization. Originally wanting to help my aunt with the show cattle in Denver, I took one step into the showring and knew there was much more to the breed. I fell in love with Braunvieh without hesitation. From their beautiful color to their docile nature, they were eye catchers.


The breed opened new opportunities for me in a short period of time. I initially became a member just to be able to walk a heifer into the showring, but as the year went on, I realized it wasn’t just about showing, but so much more than that. The more friends I made and shows I attended, the more I learned about making the breed better and achieving what other breeds couldn’t.


The breed is tremendous in so many ways, but what has caught my attention most is how much the juniors are involved. Each family knows other families and shows so much kindness and help when it’s needed. Families welcomed me into the breed with open arms and, to me, that’s what it’s about. This year, I decided to run for the JBAA Board. I was shy at first, but then realized I wanted to help make the breed more educational and fun for the juniors. Now as JBAA Board president, I want to put these goals into motion. I believe that the future of the breed begins with the juniors.


This year, the Braunvieh Junior Nationals Show was held in Paola, Kan. Talk about an amazing week! It was hot and humid, but that didn’t stop the juniors from having fun and working hard. There were a range of activities, from games to a fitting clinic and even a pool party! The competition was fierce this year in all areas. The juniors had so much fun and learned while doing it. Even the Junior Board members expanded their knowledge from running the competitions. Those experiences helped us all become better leaders.


Junior Nationals doesn’t just focus on juniors. The show takes parent support as well. We all know about how juniors compete in showmanship to present their animal to the best of their ability. This year the Junior Board wanted to see if the old timers still had the magic with a calf and show stick. This resulted in a new competition being added – the Old Timer Showmanship class. It was an interesting experience, but they showed the juniors they had what it takes to be great showmen.


Not only did I help with putting on competitions, I competed as well, showing a fall yearling heifer, senior yearling heifer and cow-calf pair. I stood second with the two heifers and fourth with the pair. I also competed in the fitting contest, placing first. As much as I wanted to win in all my classes, I’m proud of where I stood. Every junior has the same goal – to walk out of the ring with a blue ribbon. Yes, I admit it’s a good feeling to win, but from the wise words of my uncle Bob, “You can’t win them all.”


I believe in the work going on behind the scenes, from getting rope burn while breaking new calves, to rinsing every day, to brushing until you feel your hand go numb, to continuous circles with the calf until they set up just right. The hard work is what it’s all about. This hard work could be seen as I walked around the barns during the show; the juniors were always working and tending to their cattle.


There were approximately 130 head of cattle exhibited and close to 50 juniors who competed at this year’s Junior Nationals. To some people that’s a small number, but for Braunvieh, it’s progress. Junior Nationals is a great experience and I would recommend attending and competing to all JBAA members. It’s not just a breed, but an experience of a lifetime!

Emma Lehman, LeRoy, Kan., watches the action at Junior Nationals.

Jamie Brewer, Wagoner, Okla., clips her calf to show at Junior Nationals.

Antonio Munoz, Amherst, Texas, prepares his animal for the show.

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